For Dental Practice Owners Seeking a Joyful Life and Relaxation

In 4 Months, Achieve Sustainable Increased Fee Turnover, Profit, and Significantly Enhanced Liquidity for Your Dental Practice, Without Unnecessary Stress or Burnout.

Through targeted optimization of the four most important areas of your dental practice, achieve not only greater success, but also finally regain more serenity and time for yourself, your family, and the things that truly matter to you.

Does This Sound Familiar from Your Day-to-Day Practice?

You urgently need support in your practice but either can't find suitable professionals or can't hire the few available applicants on the required terms.

You are the go-to person for everything in your practice, rushing from one administrative task to another, instead of focusing on treating patients.

The financial contributions and burdens, intensified by the budget cuts from your Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists, lead to frustration, anger, and stress. It feels like you’re working not for yourself, but for everyone else.

You come home late from the practice in the evening and then don't have the energy to enjoy time for yourself or with your family. You feel overworked and long to just press PAUSE.

You sacrifice yourself for your patients and your practice, but receive no recognition or gratitude in return and have to fear being branded as a rip-off. Everyone thinks you're well off enough and have no worries.

What if you could leave all of that behind?

Imagine Transforming Your Life and Practice, where ...

... you could finish work on time every day of the week and drive home looking forward to the rest of the day with a wide smile on your face.

... you would not only significantly increase your turnover but also your profit and, above all, existing liquidity through the continuous acquisition and reactivation of new and existing patients willing to pay additional fees.

... you could easily hire qualified, motivated, and suitable professionals on the right terms, thereby not only making your daily practice routine easier but also finally having more time for treatment and less stress.

... you had a practice team with whom you get along really well and pull together. Your employees are highly productive and motivated, and you enjoy your work again. You can focus on the tasks that really suit you.

... you could, with a clear conscience, take a break from the daily routine of the practice, go on a lovely vacation with the whole family, and truly relax there.

... you have ample energy and time for new projects, such as practice expansion, speaking engagements, or charitable activities.

The Dentist Success-BOOSTER

... With Burnout-Prophylaxis

The 5 Pillars for Your Practice Success:

Price, Sales, and Profit Optimization

To become independent from increasingly erratic budgeting and to generate more revenue with less work, it's essential to increase the co-payment portion of all treatments. Learn how to sell with ease and a clear conscience, without fear of losing patients or feeling like a swindler.

More fun, more profit for you, and more time for your patients!

Recruiting, Team Building & Leadership

A strong and capable team is the fundamental prerequisite for all further steps on the path to practice success.

Employer branding, recruiting, onboarding, and employee retention are essential areas in this context.

The foundations of perfect collaboration and motivation for optimal team leadership.

Positioning & Marketing for New & Existing Patients

To acquire co-payment willing new patients and reactivate existing loyal patients, a suitable strategy for your practice is necessary, which includes the skilled use of social media. However, without spending your entire life on it or feeling like you always have to sell yourself.

Leadership, Management by KPIs & Sustainable Scaling

Master the essential tools so you always know where your practice stands. Understand how you are progressing towards your goals, and learn to make good decisions and ensure their implementation. Leadership, team management, and efficient management enable stable and sustainable scaling of your practice without chaos, stress, and poor working atmosphere.

Efficiency Enhancement through AI Utilization

Administration, communication, training, creative tasks, marketing, financial planning, human resources, and QM tasks. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT, all these tasks are optimized. The processes in your practice benefit from a significant increase in productivity, speed, and quality.

You will learn to effectively and playfully use this valuable tool for each of the previously mentioned pillars.

Start Now with the Free Practice Analysis (No Obligation) and I Will Show You...

  • ... which 7 elements are truly crucial when optimizing and scaling your dental practice - missing one element always results in chaos and burnout.

  • ... what the strengths and weaknesses of your dental practice are and which priorities you should set for this very reason.

  • ... what your concrete step-by-step roadmap to increased revenue, more profit, higher available liquidity, and significantly more time for yourself looks like.

Here's what clients say about Sirius Coaching

Build a dental practice that's like nothing you've experienced

Whether you're planing a dental practice start-up, practice takeover, practice handover, practice trouble-shooting or scaling to a practice empire, we're with you.

More specifically, we want to help you level up your practice management skills and get these seven results:

Become a Leader that

Gets Things Done

Reach your Goals

Build a Highly Productive and Motivated Team

Get More New Patients

Sell High-Fee Treatments and Raise your Collections

Build a Self-Sustaining System for your Practice

Scale and Grow Step-by-Step Without Losing Control

Here's what clients say about Sirius Coaching

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